Financial support

Sport receives financial support from state football pools and the National Lottery.

Danish Gaming’s (Danske Spil) profits (funds from the state football polls and the National Lottery) are put to many uses every year; this includes sports and culture. The funds are allocated according to a fixed distribution key in the legislation regulating football polls and the National Lottery.

As a rule the Ministry of Culture does not grant direct subsidies to local sports clubs. In terms of the law, the bulk of the funds go to sports purposes, namely to a number of large organizations and institutions in the area of sports. For instance, the Danish Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (DIF) received DKK 261 million in 2006, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) DKK 238 million, the Danish Federation of Company Sports (DFIF) DKK 35 million, Team Denmark DKK 79 million, the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities DKK 74 million, and the Fund to Finance Horse Racing DKK 85 million.

Funds from football pools and the National Lottery

In addition, every year the Ministry of Culture receives a share of the funds from the football pools and the National National Lottery which are spend on different cultural purposes including sport. The funds are disclosed in a legal document every spring. Among the organizations receiving subsidies in 2007 were Danish School Sport, Anti-Doping Denmark, the Danish Institute for Sports Studies, Disability Sport Information Centre, the Ministry of Culture’s committee for sports research, Play the Game, ISCA and homing pigeon sport.

Some of the funds from the football pools and the National Lottery received by the Ministry of Culture are also allocated to specific pools. In the area of sport these, funds help to finance the pool called ”Sport for children with physical and mobility impairments”, administered by the Ministry of Culture together with the Ministry for Welfare. This pool is an annual DKK 10 million between 2005 and 2008 and is put out to public tender for projects concerning overweight children for example. The funds have previously financed among other things the pool ”Børn og unge i bevægelse” (Fitness for Children and Young People).