Denmark has a long museum tradition. Many Danish museums are more than a century old.

Today there are around 300 museums or museum-like institutions spread over the whole country. About 120 of these museums receive state subsidies of varying amounts and have to meet a number of requirements in the Museums Act. The majority are cultural heritage museums, and there are also a number of art museums and a few museums of natural history.

The museums are to give the population access to our cultural and natural heritage and illustrate the development of cultural and natural history in Denmark and the world around us. They do this by means of exhibition and dissemination activity, research and scientific documentation and by preserving and registering objects.

Agency for Culture and Palaces

The Agency for Culture and Palaces is an institution under the Ministry of Culture. One of the responsibilities of this agency is the part of cultural heritage that includes ancient monuments, listed buildings and collections at the state and state-subsidised museums. Read more about the Danish museums at the website of the Agency for Culture and Palaces, or click on the links in the boxes in the right side.

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The Agency for Culture and Palaces has a number of publications in English, Spanish and French.

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