Cultural cooperation with the local authorities

The Ministry of Culture plays a part in developing cultural life in the whole of Denmark by supporting local cultural policy initiatives in the Danish municipalities.

The Ministry of Culture cooperates with the local authorities on work in the area of culture. Some of this cooperation takes place through cultural agreements between the Ministry of Culture and the local authorities. A cultural agreement is a voluntary agreement entered into by the Ministry of Culture and a group of local authorities. The local authorities in the agreement together constitute what is called a “cultural region”.

The objective of a cultural agreement is to focus on art and cultural life in the regional area in question and to raise the quality of both established and new cultural services and institutions. At the same time, a cultural agreement functions as a comprehensive platform from which the cooperation between the state and the municipal cultural authorities can develop.

The Ministry of Culture provides financial support for cultural projects through the cultural agreements via the Pool for culture in the country as a whole.