The Ministry for Culture attends to the general management of Danish film policy.

In Denmark we have supported film through public funding since 1972, when the first Film Act was adopted.

Today Danish film policy is regulated by the Film Act and four-year political agreements that ensure a stable framework for the continued development of the success that Danish film has enjoyed for a number of years.

Danish film policy is first and foremost implemented through the Danish Film Institute (DFI), whose task it is to promote the art of film and film culture in Denmark, among other things by granting support to the production of films.

The Danish Film Institute

DFI is a state institution under the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the institute’s work is to promote the art of film, film culture and cinema culture in Denmark by means of financial support for, among other things, the development, production, distribution, launching and screening of feature films, short films and documentaries. DFI is also to ensure that the cultural heritage of film history is preserved, including research and communication in this context. By means of support schemes and workshops, the institute contributes to promoting experimental film and talent development. Finally, it is the task of the institute to communicate film culture directly to audiences through the institute’s cinemas, which are open to the public, and other activities.

DFI also grants support for the development of computer games for children and young people.

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The National Film School of Denmark is an artistic educational institution under the Ministry of Culture. Visit the school’s website (partly in English)