The Nordic Council of Ministers

The cooperation of the Nordic Ministers for Culture in the Nordic Council of Ministers

A cornerstone in the community

Art and culture form a cornerstone in the community binding the Nordic countries together. In the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture, the Danish Minister for Culture cooperates with his colleagues from the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland and the three autonomous areas of Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands on joint initiatives and activities in the cultural field.

Themes and focus areas

Nordic cultural cooperation includes a wide range of themes and focus areas, from popular communities to the activity of the individual artist. The preconditions should be in place for both to grow and develop, and the programmes of the joint Nordic institutions and of the ministers should create good, flexible frames for this.
Nordic cultural cooperation also involves the Baltic region, including the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and Germany.

Objectives of Nordic cultural cooperation

The guiding objectives of joint Nordic cultural cooperation are:


  • The cooperation is to reflect the priorities in the area of culture and art that are common to the Nordic countries
  • The cooperation is to further a Nordic perspective in the individual countries
  • The cooperation is to further interaction between the Nordic and the international

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