The national artistic programmes of higher education under the Danish Ministry of Culture are more than just education institutions of a high international level – they also play an important role in the cultural life of Denmark, both nationally and locally.

A number of artistic higher education programmes in Demark are placed under the Ministry of Culture. In general, the proscribed duration of study for the programmes is between four and six years, and they are located at the national institutions of education within the areas of:

  • Fine arts
  • Classical and rhythmic music
  • Film
  • Theatre and dance

The artistic programmes of higher education are governed through four-year political agreements. The agreements determine the economic frameworks and overall development objectives for the institutions. The goal is for the Danish artistic institutions and programmes of education to be world class and live up to the international standards in the areas of study covered by the programmes.

The quality of all programmes of education under the Ministry of Culture is ensured in a number of different ways, for example through accreditation and the use of external examiners in connection with exams, close contact with end users, and the institutions’ own internal quality assurance systems.

More than and different from other institutions of education

The Danish Ministry of Culture sees the artistic education institutions as being something more than and different from other types of education institutions. They are also cultural institutions that do not just form a framework for passing on cultural subjects and traditions; they also form the framework for the development of practice, artistic development, research and various forms of dissemination. The artistic education institutions play, therefore, an important role in Danish cultural life, both nationally and locally.

Study programmes under the Ministry of Culture’s programmes of further education

Enquiries regarding specific study programmes are to be directed to the individual education institutions.

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